Structural Repair

Owing to the age and condition of the vast majority of railway structures the requirement for structural repairs is extensive.

Brick built structures and buildings are prone to the effects of vibration, ingress of water and general erosion leading to rapid deterioration.

Steel structures in the more exposed conditions suffer from section loss and delamination.

Concrete structures are prone to spalling and attack.

All of these situations in varying degrees necessitate attention in some form or an other. G. & K. have carried out numerous contracts for clients that have involved structural strengthening systems which include but are not limited to

Concrete repairs

Bridge infills

Steelwork plate & weld repairs

Arch ring replacements & Bracing

Culvert relining

Helical masonary pinning & strengthening to brick arches / bridges

Crack sealing - resin & cementicious

Re-casing of horizontal & vertical brickwork

Refacing & weathering works